In a typical week we tend to visit the park next to Borrow Wood school at least 3 times. It has recently been updated and the children love it!

We are also regulars at the library where I encourage the children to choose their own books which we then share. We go for regular walks around Spondon (you may well have seen us with our triple buggy)!

Another favourite visit is Bluebells. We tend to visit every couple of weeks for a good play, to see the animals and of course a little ice cream. We like The Lanes garden centre at Risley too, again to feed the animals and sometimes we get to visit Martha the Shetland pony at her stables and have a little pony ride.

Every other Tuesday we attend the childminders playgroup so the children can mix with their little friends and play with different toys. We also like the Rhythm and Rhyme group at Edmund Hall, Freddies and Crazy Crocs at Ilkeston.

When at home we use the garden lots! We let the children have free choice whereever possible - if they want to paint, stick, glue, colour, dress up etc, we make it happen for them. We have a wide choice of books that we are always happy to share and a large and varied selection of toys that the children are able to access whenever they want.